BTS Jungkook had a live chat on Weverse this morning and was excited to taste his homemade food.

BTS‘s Jungkook has really been treating ARMYs with surprise live broadcasts at the most random times.

Whether it’s late-night karaoke, just hanging out with ARMYs, or watching television, Jungkook has treated ARMYs to some truly memorable moments.

On March 24 (KST), Jungkook surprised fans with a short but sweet late-night broadcast.

Although it was late, Jungkook pointed out that he hadn’t eat in a while and wanted to make some food. Of course, he took ARMYs on a ride with him as he showed the process of making the food.

Yet, although cooking might not be an exciting task for most people, Jungkook’s dramatic flair made it seem like the best thing in the world.

After cooking his amazing meal, he made sure to eat it in front of ARMYs. Of course, considering fans had watched him make it, it definitely seemed like a lot, especially considering the time, so it wasn’t surprising that everyone wanted to see his reaction.

He seemed to be enjoying the food as he tucked in with millions of ARMYs watching online.

But fans couldn’t help but notice how hilariously dramatic Jungkook was being while he was eating. While cooking is an everyday task, the young idol seemed very proud of what he had made, adding, “I made it myself, but it’s so good.”

In particular, his reactions to the food were so funny as he dramatically expressed his love and appreciation for what he had just cooked.

It was even so good that Jungkook had to whip out the dance to PSY and Suga‘s track “That That.” Although it’s been a while since he showed us his love of the song, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show it off.

When the live broadcast ended, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of Jungkook’s reactions to his food, and just how dramatic the idol was being!

As always, Jungkook never fails to make ARMYs laugh with his broadcasts, and he creates unforgettable moments for ARMYs.


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