BANG SHI HYUK once defended IU against suspicions of plagiarism

Recently, IU was filed a complaint by an anonymous citizen about plagiarizing 6 famous songs, including “The Red Shoes”.
Previously, this song was accused of plagiarizing the German artist’s song “Here’s Us”, but Loen’s side quickly denied it and confirmed that the chord development of the two songs was completely different.
Not only that, HYBE president Bang Shi Hyuk also defended IU on SNS: “To those who say IU’s song ‘The Red Shoes’ is a plagiarism. In music there is a concept called melody and cliché. (template.) If you say “The Red Shoes” is plagiarism, almost all songs in the jazz swing genre are plagiarized.”
Another expert also defended IU, “Bebop swing is a fast-paced genre, so the melody form of the songs is similar. It’s like electronic dance music has a fast tempo. Really. It makes no sense to rely on this and say the song is plagiarized.”

Teakook & Iu:

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