KAI (EXO)’s alarming health condition when continuously jumping for 20 years without stopping.

Not to mention the 9-degree disorder wearing thick glasses, with more than 20 years of non-stop dancing (Kai started studying ballet at the age of 8) and became the most famous “dancing machine” in Korea, Kai’s injuries carried on the body is uncountable. He once shared “nowhere on the body is healthy” and even though he had surgery a long time ago, until last year he still had to go for regular check-ups at the hospital, and still had to drink less. pain when running tour with the group.

Below is a fan thread summarizing his injuries over the years. I translate for you to understand more about his health condition, and the exact reason why Kai is performing his duty in the form of community service has not been announced yet.

Teakook Tiktok:

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