BTS SUGA’s interview when asking about himself.

Disney Plus Korea uploaded a special video ahead of the release of the documentary ‘SUGA: Road to D-Day’. In the video released that day, SUGA sat down with Agust D and had a mutual interview and shared some of the musical principles they shared.

First, SUGA asked Agust D if there was a reason his songs sounded more direct and blunt. Agust D replied, “I’ve always created music honestly and I don’t think I’m going to try to make it any simpler. I’ve done what I’ve been doing, but personally, I think I can say a little bit more when it comes to making my own work, my own music rather than for the group.”

SUGA also talked about his music career and what it’s like to live as an idol. He shared, “In particular about the so-called popular music, I think the first thing I should care about is the result, and therefore, the result (popularity) must also be good. I have to try harder myself. more for better music products.

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