VIVIZ Umji shares many photos of close friendship in memory of the late ASTRO’s friend Moonbin

VIVIZ’s Umji shared many photos of her group of friends born in 1998.

The photos were posted by Umji to her personal Instagram to share some group photos of her 98th-born idol group of friends. In the photos, the late ASTRO’s Moonbin, VIVIZ’s Umji and SinB, Seventeen’s Seungkwan and more are seen beaming as they celebrate their birthdays, eat together, and hang out together. The photos clearly show how much fun they have with each other whenever they spend time together. The bright smiles of friends born in 98 made many netizens who saw the photo cry because Umji’s longing for her friend was clearly shown through the post.

After ASTRO’s Moonbin passed away, VIVIZ’s SinB and Umji will not attend their hi-touch event due to their poor health.

BTS Jungkook reaction to Blackpink Lisa :

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