TWICE’s Nayeon attracts attention with her youthful beauty.

TWICE‘s Nayeon fluttered hearts with her youthful beauty as she headed toward the music broadcast station alongside her TWICE members.

Recently, the TWICE members were spotted walking toward the music broadcast station in light of their recent comeback with the track “Set Me Free”. In particular, Nayeon’s outstanding beauty captivated the hearts of onlookers with her long, wavy black hair complimenting her youthful visuals. Many were reminded of Nayeon’s promotional days with TWICE’s debut track “Like Ooh-Ahh”, when she had been much younger. While Nayeon’s beauty matured since her early debut days, her youthful and fresh visuals took many by surprise.

Take a look at Nayeon’s photos below!

Netizens’ comments included:

“So pretty and refreshing.”

“She gives off her early debut vibes these days, so I love it.”

“SO frickin’ pretty.”

“Wow, she really is super pretty!”

“Nayeon, I love you!”

“Nayeon, please post often on Instagram!”

“Nayeon seems to be getting younger and younger.”

“She looks better in dark hair than bleached hair.”

“Im Nayeon is super pretty lately.”

“Baby…she really doesn’t get old.”

BTS Jungkook Weverse Live:

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