BTS V is one of the most popular idols in the world and his influence keeps growing.

Since debuting, it seems like V has never failed to cement why he’s such a popular idol, from his talents, visuals, and charming personality that receives love from millions of ARMYs worldwide.

It seems like V never stops shocking fans and brands after the idol after crashing the website of a huge company for the most relatable reason. At the start of the month, BTS’s V was announced as the newest ambassador for SimInvest, one of Indonesia’s biggest financing advisory firms.

When the announcement was made, ARMYs went into meltdown after V basically went viral for his handsome AF commercials.

Amongst all the exciting content and news from V’s new role as an ambassador, it was revealed that he was set to have his first-ever solo fanmeeting with the firm.

The President Commissioner of Sinarmas Sekuritas, “the leading Indonesian investment banking and stock brokerage industry,” they are working with HYBE to make it happen.

After the initial announcement, ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement when the company kept their promise and announced V’s fanmeeting in Korea. According to the website, the event in Korea allows fans to go to Korea and have the chance of a session with V.

Hilariously, although the company had planned a time to open the applications, it seems like it had to be delayed… all because of V’s popularity. As soon as ARMYs tried to access the website, they were met with error messages, so the company was forced to delete their tweet with the announcement.

After noticing what happened, ARMYs couldn’t believe V’s influence and shared their own opinions on another company underestimating the popularity of the group.

Yet, it was even funnier because it is the second time in a week that V’s popularity has caused a huge brand’s website to crash. Earlier in the month, ELLE Korea announced that V would be on the cover of their latest edition.

ELLE Korea posted a cryptic tweet, teasing fans by asking, “who will be the cover model of the April issue of ELLE Korea?” The question was followed by three minimalist cover designs that stated, “V is coming.”

After V posted the three photos on his personal Instagram and was officially named CELINE’s global ambassador, the BTS member broke the internet again. Minutes after the photos dropped, CELINE’s website crashed due to the sudden spike in visitor traffic… and so did Naver.

SimInvest eventually got the website working again, and ARMYs could enter for a chance to attend the historic event. However, it will never stop being funny seeing brands and websites suffer because they underestimate the power and popularity of V.

BTS V & Yeotan Live Weverse:

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