BTS’ Jimin receives “brutal” comments belittling Billboard achievements, Korean music critics are criticized

The comment referred to “Chart Manipulation.”

With the release of the new album FACE, BTS Jimin has set records and made history. However, one music critic has been criticized for making comments that seem to discredit Jimin’s historical achievement for his recent release.

In March, BTS’s Jimin released his solo debut album ME, which included the hit title track “Like Crazy.”

On April 3, ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement after it was revealed that Jimin made history with “Like Crazy” after becoming the first Korean artist to reach #1 on Billboard. . After the great achievement, ARMYs did not stop sending congratulations to their idols and sharing their reactions on social networks.
Jimin even turned on Weverse at midnight to thank his fans for their support and reveal his reaction to Billboard Number One.

BTS Jimin Live Weverse now「Like Crazy」


However, it looks like a music critic was fired for criticizing Jimin’s achievements. In an article shared on the Korean forum theqoo, music critic Kim’s quote drew attention. According to the critic, he seems to believe that Jimin’s number one spot comes from his popularity rather than his singing talent.

It is true that K-Pop has a big difference between sales and radio streaming numbers, and this is a clear example of this. This (Billboard win) is the result of alleged ‘character manipulation’ by K-Pop fandoms around the world in which only people buy music and no one listens.

It’s true that K-Pop has a big difference between sales and radio streaming numbers.

When the quote was shared on a Korean forum, it received a lot of attention, but international ARMYs were also outraged by the comments.

Critics have suggested that Jimin’s historic achievement may be due to the idol’s popularity among ARMYs, rather than the positive reaction to the song.

When the ARMY shared the post, the comments tried to reassure the fan, sharing their anger at someone trying to discredit Jimin’s huge achievement.

While critics may be skeptical of Jimin’s success, ARMY believes that BTS’s power and influence is unmatched and will always be subject to criticism from fans.


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