NMIXX participates in Paris Fashion Week, fans’ reactions to their fashion style are mixed.

Fans were excited when it was announced that NMIXX would attend the LOEWE show at Paris Fashion Week. The group had previously appeared at the LOEWE pop-up in Seoul, so this was the pleasant next step!

However, the group’s outfits worn to the show earned some mixed reactions.

The group attracted attention when they departed Korea, showing impressive visuals as media took photos and making fans highly anticipate the looks the NMIXX would sport during the LOEWE show. LOEWE is a brand known for being different, and this is reflected in the group’s experimental but cohesive looks.

When the group arrived at the show, fans were excited to see them and praised their visuals.

However, as more photos were shared online, some fans were not huge fans of their looks. Some cited specific criticism for Lily‘s more exposed look when it has been cold in Paris.

BTS Jungkook On Weverse:


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