The reason why BTS V did something special with Yeotan during the Weverse live broadcast.

BTS‘s V recently held a live broadcast via Weverse with his dog Yeontan (also known as Tan)!

On March 10, V held an unexpected Weverse live but with special guest, Yeontan, in what appeared to be his at-home gym. ARMYs were excited, knowing these two always have the cutest interactions.

Sure enough, the Weverse Live was filled with affectionate moments. V gave Yeontan kisses…

But V shocked ARMYs when he appeared to put Yeontan’s entire face into his mouth.

This wouldn’t be the first time V has done this, by the way. He’s been “pretending to eat Yeontan” since he was just a puppy.

While some ARMYs might have been grossed out, V actually has a good reason for giving Yeontan “mouth-to-mouth.”

Previously, V revealed that Yeontan’s airway is small, as Pomeranians are prone to trachea collapse, so he struggles to breathe. Although he had surgeries to help widen it, it didn’t resolve the issue, so Yeontan still has difficulties.

Considering Yeontan’s difficulty breathing, V actually was performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (CPR), not playfully fake “eating” him. One can perform this at-home remedy on dogs or cats who have difficulty breathing.

Earlier in the live broadcast, Yeontan was breathing heavily. Realizing that, V helped him.

The live broadcast featuring Yeontan ended up being one of the shortest.

BTS V & Yeotan Live Weverse:

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