BTS V broadcasts live with Yeontan on Weverse but surprised with 5 short minutes.

The record of the shortest Weverse live of the year goes to… Yeontan!

BTS‘s V has become legendary for live broadcasts over the past few months.

Whether he’s surprising ARMYs just to chat with them or showcasing his dazzling visuals, they have been known for being epic… and short!

Well, V recently set a new record for the shortest Weverse live of a BTS member, but he had some help!

On March 10, V returned to Weverse live but with a special guest, and it was none other than his adorable dog Yeontan. Over the years, V and Yeontan have treated netizens to the cutest interactions and melted the hearts of ARMYs worldwide.

When the live broadcast started, netizens loved that they were greeted by both V and Yeontan in what seemed like V’s home gym.

Considering the bond between V and Yeontan, it wasn’t surprising that the interactions between the two were truly wholesome. Whether it was playing with Yeontan or giving him a lot of love, it made ARMYs extremely soft.

Yet, hilariously, after just over five minutes, V abruptly finished the broadcast… and it was all because of Yeontan. Yeontan adorably realized that he didn’t want to do the broadcast anymore and quickly jumped off V’s lap with the idol’s help.

V then quickly switched the camera view, showing that Yeontan had made his way to the door.

When V finally let Yeontan out, his departure must’ve signaled the end of the broadcast, as the minute the door shut, V said bye and ended the broadcast.

When the broadcast ended, netizens couldn’t get enough of V’s adorable interactions with Yeontan. Others also pointed out that V now set a new record this year (once again) for the shortest BTS live broadcast on Weverse… with the help of Yeontan!


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