BTS’ Jungkook has adjusted his overseas schedule because of J-Hope.

J-Hope had previously promised to hold a live broadcast via Weverse after the news of his enlistment was announced and he did.

Everyone, I’m not going tomorrow ..

This week, I’ll come and greet you with a live


Our ARMY, don’t have a hard time.

I love you, ARMY

Have a good weekend, don’t worry too much!!!!

I love you ARMY 💜😃

J-Hope will be leaving on April 17, when he will reveal his discharge date. He also shared that Jungkook adjusted his schedule due to J-Hope’s upcoming enlistment and He also gave updates on Jin and military life.

J-Hope revealed that although Jungkook had a packed schedule overseas, he adjusted it so that he could see J-Hope off. J-Hope joked that he had raised the maknae well, but Jungkook’s gesture truly touched his heart.

Something I was moved by and heard from the management team was that Jungkook’s schedule was already filled but he adjusted it for me hearing that, I thought ‘I’ve raised a kid well’ This is just a joke. I was really touched. He adjusted the schedule, saying, ‘I must go when hyung goes.’

— J-Hope

It’s no surprise that Jungkook adjusted his busy schedule for J-Hope’s sake, but it left fans feeling heartwarming and admiring.

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