The times when K-Pop idols fainted on stage scared fans.

Unfortunately, K-Pop idols who may be dealing with health issues or fatigue may need to take break from activities to focus on their health. In these situations below, idols collapsed in front of their fans, creating a scary situation for everyone. Warning: This content may be mildly disturbing to some readers.


During a performance from 2016, SinB (second from the right) started the show looking fine.

As time went on, she began to wobble and found it hard to stand straight as she repeatedly put her head down.

Suddenly, SinB collapsed and left the other members in shock.

Staff quickly came on stage to help escort her away.

Luckily, SinB made a full recovery by the next day. SOURCE Music revealed that “The hospital confirmed there is nothing wrong with her, and that the reason she fainted was due to sudden dizziness.”

2. Wanlin (SHA SHA)

During a showcase, a very scary situation occurred when Wanlin (third from the left) began looking noticeably dizzy. She even held a member’s arm for support.

Suddenly, Wanlin fainted, leaving the members and audience in a state of shock.

Staff quickly arrived to bring her water and take her off stage.

Major Entertainment released an official statement with updates on Wanlin’s health, stating, “The official diagnosis she received was that she fainted due to decreased blood flow to her brain. Wanlin will be undergoing additional medical examinations and treatment in order to get a full understanding of her current physical condition and to ensure she does not suffer any additional complications.” She then took a hiatus from group activities to focus on her health.

3. Seolhyun (AOA)

Seolhyun appeared shaken after a performance, but soon stood up.

As the others began to check on her, she began dry heaving.

She collapsed but remained upright and was escorted off of the stage by staff.

FNC Entertainment originally released a statement saying, ‘Seolhyun felt dizzy from the gunpowder used during the stage at the Fortnite Korea Open 2018 event, and she was moved directly to the hospital.” However, Epic Games, who was in charge of the event, clarified that gunpowder was not used.

4. Krystal [f(x)]

In the clip below, Krystal can be seen putting her head down and barely following along to the choreography a few moments before she faints.

When she collapsed, the members do their best to help until staff comes to get her. It is possible that Krystal felt fatigued or light-headed because she’s anemic.

5. Yuju (GRIEND)

During a fansign, Yuju reportedly had terrible stomach pains.

Though she didn’t completely collapse, she was removed from the fansign.

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