Government survey of the popularity of K-Pop artists in Europe.

The Global Hallyu Trends survey was held this year too by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) and the results for 2023 have recently been released. The survey investigates experienced Korean cultural content around the world. 25,000 men and women aged 15 to 59 years old from 26 countries around the world were part of the poll.

All regions of the world were taken into consideration, with the results for European countries being as follows.

1. United Kingdom

As expected, BTS leads the popularity poll with 30.4% of the votes. They are followed by BLACKPINK in second place with 9.2% and PSY in third with 3.5%. EXO and IU share fourth place with 2.5%, and BIGBANG wraps up the top 5 with 1.2%.

2. France

With 38.7% BTS takes first place, followed by PSY with 6.2%. BLACKPINK takes third with 5.1% of votes and the group’s main dancer Lisa is fourth with 0.7%. MamamooStray KidsG-DragonJin, and Na Yoon Sun all share fifth place with 0.5%.

3. Italy

BTS leads the Italy ranking as well with 37%, BLACKPINK follows as second with 6.8, and PSY third with 4.3%. In fourth place, we have Stray Kids with 0.7%, and former YG Entertainment group IKON shares fifth place with SHINee‘s Jonghyun, each having 0.5% of the votes.

4. Spain

Similar to Italy, BTS takes the first spot with 32.3%, with BLACKPINK taking second and 7.7% of the votes. PSY is third with 3.8% and Stray Kids 4th with 1.4%. At number five, BTS’s V has 1% of the survey’s votes.

5. Germany

With 32.3% BTS takes first place in Germany as well, while BLACKPINK’s 7.9% places them second. PSY is third in this country too, with 2.8%, while BIGBANG and Stray Kids share fourth with 0.9%. The gap shortens, EXO and G-Dragon are both at fifth with 0.7% of the poll’s votes.

6. Russia

Though with a lower percentage than other countries, BTS still secure #1 in Russia by winning 22.8% of the votes. BLACKPINK takes second with 3.2% while Stray Kids are third with 2.4. EXO and TXT share the fourth place with 1.3%, while Hyuna has her first appearance on the list with 1.1% getting her a place in the top 5.

7. Turkey

The last country that was considered in the survey, BTS is considered the biggest K-Pop act in Turkey with 30.8% of the votes saying so. BLACKPINK follows as second with 16.7% and PSY third with 3%. TWICE take third place with 2.3%, while Goo Hara and Jimin share fifth with 2%.

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