5 times BLACKPINK was criticized for costume mistakes.

The members of BLACKPINK are some of the most popular fashion icons of today. However, there have been times when their fashion, makeup, or hair choices made by stylists have been considered offensive, inappropriate, or simply unflattering. Check out some of the moments when their stylists received flack from fans below.

1. Jennie’s nurse outfit in “Lovesick Girls”

When BLACKPINK released “Lovesick Girls,” both YG Entertainment and the stylists were criticized by the Health and Medical Workers’ Union of Korea for Jennie‘s nurse uniform.

The union felt that the uniform was inaccurate and “followed the typical depiction used for sexual appeal.”
Many felt this contributed to harmful and sexist stereotypes.
The scenes featuring Jennie in a nurse outfit were eventually removed from the music video.

2. Lisa’s shoes in “How You Like That”

When BLACKPINK released “How You Like That,” fans soon noticed that Lisa’s solo scenes begin with her in an alley and then cuts to her on a throne.

Upon closer inspection, they saw that while seated on the throne, there was a statue of the Hindu deity Ganesha next to her, placed on the floor. Lisa is seen wearing shoes near the idol, which is seen as disrespectful as shoes are strictly not allowed near statues, temples, etc.

3. Jisoo’s questionable looks during promotions

Fans had mixed reactions to some of Jisoo‘s most unique looks that many deemed unflattering for her body type.

4. Jennie’s face jewelry

Jennie’s stylist was criticized for giving her bindi face jewelry.

Many international fans had bitter reactions to the stylist’s choice as it may be seen as Indian cultural appropriation.

5. Lisa’s braids

Lisa’s stylists were criticized for giving her braids in the performance version of “Money.”

Again, international fans took to social media to share their opinions, discussing how it can be considered cultural appropriation.

BTS reaction to Blackpink :

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