4 girl groups who produce their own music.

Self-producing groups have become a big trend in recent years. Fans are now excited to hear not only their idols’ voices on new songs but to take a peek into their creativity and hear the tracks they produced themselves as well.

While it’s been difficult for most girl groups to break out and join the trend, perhaps due to their agencies’ policies or the difference between the focus of boy groups and girl groups, there still are a lot of self-produced girl groups out there. Here are four that deserve to be applauded for their immense contributions to their sound.

1. (G)I-DLE

There aren’t many K-Pop fans that don’t know how heavily involved the CUBE Entertainment group has become in their music. From title tracks to b-sides, the members’ names are all over the writing and producing credits every time a new album comes out.

The involvement started with Soyeon, the group’s main rapper and the member who seems to be in charge of their music and creativity. She has worked on every title track (G)I-DLE has released since their debut, as well as multiple b-sides. The group’s two latest singles “Tomboy” and “NUDE,” both produced by Soyeon,  have garnered amazing success and record-breaking achievements.

Soyeon isn’t the only member involved, however, as both Minnie and Yuqi enjoy their own writing and producing credits in (G)I-DLE’s discography as well.


The former Banana Culture girl group has had almost all of their songs written or produced by the group’s main rapper LE (also known as ELLY). LE is known by most K-Pop fans for her writing and producing abilities, as she was one of the very first female idols to have writing credits in their group’s singles.

LE produced multiple EXID hits, such as “Up & Down,” “Ah Yeah,” and “Hot Pink.” She also took part in the writing and production of the majority of the group’s b-sides from debut until now. LE has also produced and written for other artists, including HyunaDIATrouble Maker, and TRI.BE.


All members of Mamamoo have been involved in the writing and producing process of their group and solo songs. Moonbyul has the most writing credits out of her members, having written songs like “Memory,” “No More Drama,” “Decalcomanie” and “GOGOBEBE,” one of the group’s title tracks.

Solar seems to lean more on the producing end, though she has also written many times, having worked on “Star Wind Flower Sun,” “No More Drama,” “I’m Your Fan,”  and “Hello”.

Wheein has written and produced for the group as well, including songs like “Moderato” and “25.” The group’s youngest member, Hwasa, has taken part in the writing and production of multiple title tracks, with “HIP” being the most recognized work of hers.

4. Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Last but not least, Cosmic Girls also has multiple members that are involved in writing and producing for the group. Exy, the group’s rapper, has the most credits under her belt, having written the majority of their songs.

She has worked on multiple title tracks: “Dreams Come True,” “Save Me Save You,” “La La Love,” “Boogie Up,” “Unnatural,” and “Last Sequence,” She has also taken part in writing several fan-favorite b-sides including “Cantabile,” “Pantomime,” “New Me,” and “Yalla.

Other than Exy, Seola and Dawon have also contributed to Cosmic Girls’ widely loved music. Seola has written and produced their songs “Our Garden” and “New Me,” while Dawon has worked on “Ujung,” “Full Moon,” and “Stronger.”

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