SUGA’s talk show SuChwiTa with special guest BTS Jimin.

On March 20, SUGA‘s talk show ‘SuChwiTa (Time to Drink with SUGA)‘ released the trailer for episode 7.

In the clip, the channel does a playfully terrible job of hiding the next special guest’s identity, showing close-ups of his face in various sections to reveal he will be none other than SUGA’s BTS groupmate Jimin. The preview also features the two interacting in a way that demonstrates their brotherly closeness while they discuss Jimin’s solo debut and related activities.

Check out the trailer above and stay tuned for the 7th episode of ‘SuChwiTa (Time to Drink with SUGA)’ which will air on March 27!

BTS Jimin Live Weverse:

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