J-Hope has released his highly anticipated song “on the street”. Jungkook’s reaction to “On The Street (With J. Cole)” MV during this morning’s live chat.

BTS‘s members are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Whenever one member releases a solo project, the rest support him in any way they can.

Today, J-Hope dropped his highly-anticipated song, “on the street,” with one of his longtime idols, J. Cole. Together, they rapped about their past, present, and future as artists. For J-Hope, that meant paying tribute to his Hope On the Street dance videos, released from 2015 to 2019, and to his 10-year relationship with ARMY.

J-Hope’s rap, lyrics, and charisma had viewers hooked, Jungkook included. During his first Weverse live broadcast of March, Jungkook listened to various songs, but his reaction to J-Hope’s stood out to fans.

j-hope ‘on the street (with J. Cole)’ Official MV

Jungkook gave J-Hope his undivided attention, proudly watching his hyung with pure admiration. His eyes shone like starlight during J-Hope’s intro…

BTS Jungkook Live Weverse:


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