Girl group PURPLE KISS continuously impresses fans with their skillful vocals. The fourth generation K-Pop girl group performed very well even while exercising.

K-Pop girl group PURPLE KISS has continually impressed fans with their incredible vocal skills and synchronized dance performances.

Their most recent comeback, “Sweet Juice,” is a fan favorite with an addictive melody fans love.

The group continually gives their all to powerful and compelling live performances.

And PURPLE KISS recently showed off their insanely stable vocals in a 1theK Originals video, where they were tasked with exercising while singing. In the video, Yuki and Swan sang BLACKPINK‘s “As If It’s Your Last” while exercising, proving their vocal stability. Even though they got understandably tired from the exercises.

And in a YouTube short, all the members sang together while exercising, sounding like they could be performing on a live stage.

Fans were understandably impressed by the group’s talent, given how much skill it must take to sing and sound good while working out.

You can watch Yuki and Swan’s cover here.

You can see PURPLE KISS perform “Sweet Juice” here.

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