BTS Jungkook held a drinking party during his live broadcast on Weverse.

When BTS‘s Jungkook first debuted, he was only 16 years old, and it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs grew up calling him the group’s “Baby.”

Yet, over the years, Jungkook has grown and matured into an adult. Whether it’s in his performances, schedules, or just relaxing, Jungkook is in his mid-20s, and it’s not surprising that he wants to be treated like an adult, not the same teenager that debuted.

Recently, Jungkook has been doing special live broadcasts with fans late at night in Korea. Unsurprisingly, Jungkook has been having a drink and sharing his choice of alcohol, and considering he is an adult, and it seems normal.

It was no different on March 14 (KST) when Jungkook surprised fans with a live broadcast. When Jungkook started the broadcast, he explained that he was drinking a highball.

He then chatted with fans and listened to music…

Yet, in the comments, it seemed like ARMYs were commenting for the idol to stop drinking. Although it was probably to show they cared for him, many other fans thought it overstepped the boundaries a fan should have, especially as many also asked the idol to speak in English.

It seems like Jungkook also didn’t like the comments and he wasn’t afraid to call out those fans. After reading comments saying, “Stop drinking,” Jungkook shared his own thoughts, explaining that he was an adult.

Ah, why are you guys telling me to stop drinking? I’m a grown adult, and I’m 27. I’m enjoying it while I’m still young.

— Jungkook

The idol then went on to explain that it was his choice and that he wanted to enjoy life. He added that if he knew he could be born again as he is, he wouldn’t do it.

 You only live once. If I am born again as… If I’m guaranteed a second life, I wouldn’t do this.

— Jungkook

Jungkook has never been afraid to call out fans if he thinks they’re in the wrong. Even in a previous broadcast, he called out those who had attended his private schedules.


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