BTS Jhope’s surprise reaction to Army’s comments during his live.

When it comes to idols who get the most marriage proposals, BTS‘s Suga has to be at the top of the list.

ARMYs sending marriage proposals to the idol has become so common that it’s even an ongoing meme in the fandom, and even the members are in on it, with the phrase “Yoongi, marry me” appearing EVERYWHERE!

Well, it seems like the marriage proposals must have worked as BTS’s J-Hope had the best reaction when someone alleged to be “Min Yoongi’s wife” made an appearance during a live broadcast.

On March 16, BTS’s J-Hope treated ARMYs to a special live broadcast. While he made viewers sad as he spoke about his upcoming enlistment plans…

Yet, considering J-Hope is BTS’s “Happy Virus,” it’s not surprising that he also wanted to create a positive environment and make ARMYs laugh… and it seems like all they needed was some help from Suga and his huge number of marriage proposals.

While Suga is normally receiving proposals from fans… and also the members, as seen during a recent live broadcast where J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin sent marriage proposals in.

Well, it seems like Suga must’ve accepted one of the proposals without telling anyone!

During J-Hope’s broadcast, ARMYs couldn’t stop LOL’ing when the idol read out a comment from a fan that read, “Hello, I’m Min Yoongi‘s wife…”

Of course, considering J-Hope’s personality, the idol had the best comeback to the comment. While others might have made a joke, J-Hope seemingly accepted the fate of Suga by replying, “Yes, hello! Hello, sister-in-law.”

If that wasn’t enough, ARMYs joked that J-Hope was feeding their “delulu” brains as he went on to say, “Have you eaten, sister-in-law?” without any second thoughts about what he’d just said or confirmed!

Of course, after the broadcast, ARMYs couldn’t get over J-Hope’s comment. While the phrase “Sister-in-law” started trending, others shared how conflicted they felt. While they loved that they were Suga’s wife, they also wanted to marry J-Hope, not be his sister-in-law.


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