Agust D ‘ν•΄κΈˆ’ Official MV released with a lot of emotions from fans.

at 13:00 on April 21 BTS Suga released MV HAEGEUM

Fans expressed their feelings:

” he looks so cool

This is a bomb!!!! Yoongi always shows that he is a genius!!!! Clip is like a small movie, gorgeous!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

I’m really shocked, there’s no way Min Yoongi is so good at everything, I love his job so much. Support you a lot!!

This is extraordinary! This man never surprises me. The whole MV is pure art, please love and support ARMY a lot

I loved you so much!!! Yoongi deserves the world, I hope this comeback is successful!!!”


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