‘You Did Good’ Upcoming drama about record payout reports for IU

Upcoming drama ‘You Did Good’ has responded to reports of record payouts for IU.

According to the report, the highest paid Korean actresses are Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo, they received around 200 million won (US$151683.02) per episode of dramas like ‘Mount Jiri’ and ‘ Now, We Are Breaking Up’.
On April 6, it was reported that IU will receive 500 million won ($379198.75 USD) to 1 billion won ($758397.50 USD) for each episode of the upcoming Netflix series.

However, a representative of ‘You Did Good’ denied the rumors, saying the reports were “baseless”.

In related news, ‘You Did Good’ will star IU and Park Bo Gum in 1950s Jeju Island.

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