When NewJeans’ Coca-Cola vs IU’s Pepsi, which drink would you choose?

With IU being the model for Pepsi and NewJeans as the model for Coca-Cola Zero, will your drink loyalty be the same as your idol loyalty?

NewJeans’ agency ADOR announced on March 30 that NewJeans has been named the global ambassador for Coca-Cola Zero.

NewJeans will participate in their first campaign in Korea as the new global ambassador for Coca-Cola Zero.

They will also participate in a global project at the Coca-Cola studio.


An official from Coca-Cola also commented on their new partnership with NewJeans.

We hope the public will be able to feel the exhilarating moments through the combination of Coca-Cola Zero collaborating with global rising star NewJeans.

In the future, NewJeans will carry out various activities that display the thrill that only Coca-Cola Zero can offer in various trendy ways.

We will also introduce Coca-Cola Zero’s CM (commercial) music that contains NewJeans’ unique charms.

— Coca-Cola

As NewJeans is becoming the ambassador for Coca-Cola Zero and IU currently the ambassador for Pepsi in Korea, K-Pop fans are going to have a tough decision on their hands — do you pick your favorite drink, or favorite artist? Why not both!


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