WENDY expressed her admiration for BLACKPINK’s COACHELLA performance.

The singer excitedly expressed, “Oh, there’s Coachella!!! BLACKPINK is performing!!! I watched a little bit yesterday but really, isn’t it great that my fellow Korean artists performed there!!! They are amazing, make me so proud!!!”

BLACKPINK performed 18 songs continuously for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

*Set list:
1. Pink Venom
2. Kill This Love
3. How You Like That
4. Pretty Savage
5. Kick It
6. Whistle
7. You & Me (solo)
8. Flower (solo)
9. Gone & On The Ground (solo)
10. Money (solo)
11. Boombayah
12. Lovesick Girls
13. Playing With Fire
14. Typa Girl
15. Shut Down
16. Tally
17. DDu-Du DDu-Du
18. Forever Young

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