TWICE Shares Their 8 Year Journey During “Set Me Free” Promotion

TWICE recently sat down with GQ in the midst of their “Set Me Free” promotions to answer ONCEs’ burning questions.

TWICE is currently promoting their twelfth mini-album, Ready To Be, and took time to film a fun segment on GQ‘s official YouTube channel.

The group partook in the publication’s popular online series Actually Me. The series has popular celebrities go undercover on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and more to reply to fans’ questions and theories.

While responding to various fan posts, they came across a TikTok showing how each member of TWICE was chosen for the group.

One comment stood out to the group, in which the commenter shared that they didn’t know TWICE was formed from an idol survival show, SIXTEEN.

SIXTEEN was created by JYP Entertainment and Mnet and aired in 2015. On the show, 16 contestants competed for a chance to follow in the footsteps of the Wonder Girls and Miss A in becoming the newest girl group of JYP Entertainment.

It’s been eight years since the show ended, officially forming TWICE’s beloved line-up that we know today. So what do the members think about the show now? They spill their current thoughts after Momo hilariously and jokingly declares that new fans don’t need to know about it.

Leader Jihyo shared that she doesn’t think she could watch the program again. Nayeon agreed that it’s difficult to watch a younger version of themselves, while the other members agreed.

While the ten episodes showed the trainees completing missions, living in dorms, competing in battles, and giving performances, Nayeon shared there were a lot of moments behind the scenes that weren’t captured.

Mina agreed that moments such as the trainees riding the bus to the company building together were precious memories but weren’t shown on the show.

The members agreed that their legendary bond was formed through participating in SIXTEEN.

Sana added that when the first episode aired, the members gathered to watch it together in their dorm.

All nine members renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment last year, showing just how close they continue to be!

While answering another question in the GQ video, the members showed how well they knew each other by selecting what acting roles would best suit each member. For more on that, check out the article below!


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