TWICE really became the focus of the performance at the “2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards”. Fans were choking with the members’ luxurious looks on the red carpet.

TWICE recently appeared at the 2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards, where the nine members accepted their “Breakthrough Award.”

The group took fans’ breath away with their chic red-carpet looks and had many ONCEs emotional as they took the stage to accept their award as the first K-Pop group to receive an award at the annual ceremony.

While it’s expected that all eyes are on the honoree as they accept their award, TWICE included, what fellow attendees didn’t expect was that TWICE commanded the attention of the ceremony the entire night.

Each time the group was mentioned or any members appeared on jumbotrons, the venue erupted in applause thanks to the group’s global impact and the incredible number of ONCEs who attended to support TWICE.

Fellow attendees quickly caught onto the enthusiastic reactions to TWICE. Even the host of the affair, American actress, writer, and producer Quinta Brunson, had to test the “TWICE effect” herself.

While she expected the cheers, she was taken aback when ONCEs began chanting “Dubu” when Dahyun appeared on the jumbotron and didn’t know how to react as she hilariously asked whose fandom was barking.

At another point during the ceremony, a presenter on stage was interrupted two times when cameras zoomed in on TWICE’s Mina and Chaeyoung, proving that the group was truly the main event.

The group went viral as netizens hilariously reacted to ONCEs cheers for TWICE, with some fans even creating impressive compilations of every moment that showed the group stealing the show.

TWICE even had fellow artists like German singer-songwriter Kim Petras jamming along to their “Moonlight Sunrise” performance and American singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter gushing about them on stage while declaring herself an official ONCE.

TWICE proved their incredible impact at the award show and made ONCEs proud with their outstanding achievements as women in music.

Congratulations to TWICE on their “Breakthrough Award!”

Check out TWICE’s interaction with Kim Petras in the article below!

BTS Reaction toTWICE When They Meet

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