The strong return of Kpop music in the next 2 months.

These days, it seems like we get new major K-Pop comeback or debut announcements practically every other day, but we definitely aren’t complaining!

2023 has already gotten off to a pretty good start in terms of releases, such as the long-awaited TXT comeback with “Sugar Rush Ride”, the unexpected and legendary collaboration between BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and BTS‘s Jimin with “Vibe”, and TWICE‘s gorgeous pre-release English single “Moonlight Sunrise”, to name just a few.

But it seems like the next few months of the rest of March and April are set to be a whole lot bigger than the first two months of 2023, and there will likely be even more announced the further into the next couple of weeks we get!

For example, to name a couple confirmed comebacks and debuts for the rest of March, we have BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo‘s highly anticipated solo debut, Jimin’s solo debut, a TWICE comeback, and NMIXX comeback, and a solo comeback from EXO‘s Kai, for starters.

As far as April goes, it sounds like we can look forward to comebacks from aespaLE SSERAFIMIVE, and others, and that’s just what we know so far!

With the incredible line-up of releases set for the next few months, K-Pop fans have taken to Reddit to express their excitement for the upcoming weeks.

We already had OnlyOneOf, j-hope, ONEW and more in March, but guess what else we can look forward to…



– BTS Jimin





– BamBam…

Some of the comments on the post share even more comebacks that have been announced for March and April.

BTS V Live Weverse:

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