The story of BLACKPINK members’ favorite food.

BLACKPINK members sing and dance about playing with fire, being forever young, and shutting stuff down—but they also sing about… hot pot?

In a recent Instagram post by LisaJisoo, and Jennie were seen dancing excitedly and singing words that translate to, “Let’s go eat hot pot!

Lisa, who was filming the two, asks if she could join them and then the three are seen dancing to this “hot pot” song.

Then a photo of all four members happily eating hot pot!

This is not the first time BLACKPINK members have shown their love for hot pot. Jisoo is seen eating hot pot all the time in her vlogs while visiting different countries.

Whether they’re eating it in Chicago, London, or Paris, these girls—especially Jisoo—truly love their hot pot.

If that’s the fuel it takes to give them the energy to be the superstars they are on stage, we love to see it—keep on eating hot pot, girls!

Watch the full clip Lisa posted on her Instagram here.

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