The next guest on Suga’s “Suchwita” will be BTS jimin. Fans are eagerly waiting for the broadcast date.

BTS‘s Jimin will likely be the next guest on fellow member Suga‘s web series Suchwita.

In December 2022, Suga premiered his show Suchwita, where he interviews and drinks with celebrity guests. It’s available to watch on both YouTube and Weverse.

Many of Suga’s guests have been celebrities he admires, such as Epik High‘s TabloBIGBANG‘s Taeyang, etc. And those who have guested appeared while promoting releases. For example, Epik High recently released the album Strawberry and embarked on their tour, while Taeyang released his solo comeback, “VIBE,” with Jimin.

So far, Suga has had six guests in total, and one was one of his BTS members. Leader RM was actually the first guest as he released his solo album Indigo.

Now, it seems like Jimin might be the next BTS member to guest.

Recently, it was announced that Jimin would release his solo debut album FACE. It will be released on March 24th.

Considering that Jimin will likely be promoting soon, it would make sense for him to appear on shows, especially one hosted by another BTS member. But he also addressed an ARMY’s comment…

Jimin held a live broadcast via Weverse as he assembled a water tank for his Marimo, which he called Suga. One ARMY commented, asking if he planned to appear on Suchwita.

ARMY: Jimin-ah, do you have any plans to appear on the second oldest hyung program?  I want to see you two drink.

Jimin: Just wait a bit. I’ll take care of everything. *giggles*

Based on Jimin’s response, it seems very probable that he will soon be appearing on Suchwita, and the episode might even already be filmed! ARMYs are very excited to see Suga and Jimin together.

BTS jimin live Weverse:


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