The latest image of BTS Jin during his military service made fans talk about his hairstyle and chubby face.

On an online forum, netizens talked about Jin’s hair from before entering the military to the present day. Famous for looking polished even with a buzz cut, Jin has displayed a flawless hairstyle ever since he proceeded with his service.

Fans have noted his subtle transformation as the following:

Before entering the military

Living at the training center

Private first class currently (promoted to assistant)

Reactions include:

“Wow he looks handsome even with that chestnut hair”

“Soooooooooo handsome”
“He looks like a handsome hamster”

“He has become rounder and rounder!”
“He reminds me of this right now:

“Why is he getting more handsome though”
“His twinkling eyes stand out more when his hair is shorter”
“He looks like a little bird”

He is becoming more handsome as his hair is growing”

BTS jin ate deliciously:


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