The interview with actress The Glory made Netizens extremely angry in the midst of PD Ahn Gil Ho’s bullying controversy.

 The Glory‘s production team after actress Cha Joo Young revealed that the production team had checked to make sure the actors didn’t have any history of bullying before filming.

On March 15, news outlet Newsen released an interview they conducted with The Glory actress Cha Joo Young.

Cha Joo Young recently received rave reviews for her acting in Netflix‘s The Glory. The actress played the role of Choi Hye Jeong, who was one of Moon Dong Eun’s (played by Song Hye Kyo) bullies.

During the interview, Cha Joo Young was asked if the actors were checked if they had any history of bullying. The actress revealed that the actors were checked before filming began.

(The actors) were checked (if we had a history of bullying) before (filming) began.

— Cha Joo Young

The actress’s short answer has since angered netizens who criticized the drama’s production team for not checking the drama’s own director for his history of bullying.

  • “This is why they say the person throwing the punch never remembers. The director probably didn’t remember what he did.”
  • “LOL, the director who is supposed to be in charge of the drama (is the one who bullied)… I bet the actors were like WTF?”
  • “The director has no shame.”
  • “This is ridiculous.”
  • “How about the director?”
  • “Now it’s time for the directors and the staff members in the credits to be checked. That’s only right.”
  • “Who would have thought the director would do that?”
  • “Just like that, the drama has become a joke. I feel like I wasted my money by subscribing to Netflix.”

Recently, the drama’s director Ahn Gil Ho was alleged to have bullied Middle Schoolers while he himself was a High School student. The director has since admitted that he had been a bully.

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