The incident of accidentally turning on the fire effect during a concert in Bangkok caused TREASURE Jaehyuk to get burned.

On an online forum, netizens were flabbergasted by an accident that occurred during TREASURE’s live concert in Bangkok. During one of the performances, the fire effects from a machine that periodically spits out flames nearly burned Jaehyuk, who was standing right next to the prop.

After coming in close contact with the fire, he and his other members of TREASURE were seen checking if there were any flames left on his clothes.

Fortunately, Jaehyuk seemed to have escaped a major injury but was seen wearing a large band-aid on his right hand during his next appearance.

Later, Jaehyuk communicated with his fans that he put ointment on his hand and that there was “no problem at all now.” Sitting next to Jaehyuk, another member, murmured: “Thank goodness.”

Netizens expressed their shock and left reactions such as:

“They need to be really careful with the fire effects!!!”
“What the????”
“OMG, the fans in the audience must have been so shocked”
“The members also look shocked as hell”
“This is super dangerous”
“WHat a crazy incident, this looks so dangerous”
“Look at how the other members try to diffuse the tension after the incident…”
“They must have been so shocked”
“This could have led to a high degree of burn”
“I have only imagined this possibly happening on stage. This is like a nightmare”
“Can they please stop using real fire”
“I can’t believe that was real fire”

“My heart was almost in flames due to the shock”
“I almost fainted…”


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