The friendship story between Jennie and Jisoo of the group BLACKPINK is admirable.

Besties Jennie and Jisoo of BLACKPINK can’t resist doing the sweetest things for each other.

The two love buying sentimental gifts for each other, like the time Jennie got Jisoo an expensive Cartier gold ring for her birthday.

Jisoo revealed just how much they’re always thinking of each other in her latest vlog from Copenhagen.

She used a face mask in her hotel room as she prepared for the concert the next day, resting in her adorable pajamas.

The cute Hello Kitty shirt was a gift from none other than Jennie! Revealing she was “unable to walk passed it out of guilt,” Jisoo’s friends know just how much she’s in love with any and all Hello Kitty memorabilia.

When seeing Hello Kitty in a store, Jennie just can’t walk by it without getting it for Jisoo — or else she would feel guilty!

The big and comfy shirt is perfect as part of her pajamas.

Additionally, it even matches her Hello Kitty pedicure! BLINKs expect nothing less from Hello Kitty’s biggest fan.

Jennie and Jisoo sound like the sweetest friends to have!

Information about BTS Jhope’s enlistment plan :

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