The content of the letter SINB wrote to his late friend MOONBIN

Bin-ah, I’m Eunbi. How do you feel in heaven? Full of things you like? How good is that for sure. You’ve seen 5 dogs already, right? I mean since I was a kid. But 18 years of knowing each other, I couldn’t say a nice word to you because I was too shy. Maybe I will regret, be sad, remember, apologize and I just think about you all day. I can clearly see in your eyes that you are sighing and shy like that, please forgive me! I have a lot to say, but I’ll save it little by little. Please let the rain always fall, as I asked, I will take good care of Su-ya-jeong auntie, Lee-hoo. So now you don’t have to worry about anything, live for your own happiness, since you were young you have been by my side at the age of ten, twenty, and so on and so happy Bin-ah.
I thought you would grow old with me until I became a grandparent, but now it’s just me. Please look at me as I grow old and smile! If we meet later, let’s argue loudly and chew well. Moreover, the existence of a person who is you has given me strength and is a very precious and touching friend. Sorry I am only writing this now. Bin-ah, wherever I go I feel proud of my first friend, so precious! I will visit often. Please rest comfortably. Sorry you so much.
I love you very much. 2023.4.27! Thank you and love you This kid, if you ask who, I will not hesitate to answer me like before! Really great

BTS Jungkook reaction to Blackpink Lisa:

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