The angelic beauty of IVE member Leeseo in a school uniform makes many girls admire.

IVE‘s Leeseo proved her status as a visual when her gorgeous entrance ceremony pictures quickly circulated the internet.

Entering Hanlim Multi Art School, Leeseo’s Dispatch photos showcase her natural beauty as she confidently rocks her school uniform.

Her unique aura and sharp facial features cements her status as one of the top 4th generation visuals.

Her IRL visuals in fantaken videos are just as vibrant as she waves to welcoming fans.

Almost turning her entrance ceremony into a fanmeeting, fans showed up to support her on her special day!

Even in close-up still shots, her beauty never wavers.

Netizens complimented her for her big eyes, “handsome but pretty” beauty, and prominent features.

Officially a highschooler, fans wish Leeseo the best of luck in her new school!

BTS Jimin Live Weverse:

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