Taylor Swift’s concert surprised with the appearance of BLACKPINK’s “PINK VENOM”

On March 18, “The Eras Tour,” Taylor Swift’s biggest tour in her career officially started with the first night of performance at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, with an attendance of around 70 thousand audience members.

The concert became a major festive event for Glendale. In just one week, the mayor of the city decided to temporarily change the name of the city to “Taylor City” to welcome this highly anticipated event. Residents said that, the flock of the audience to the city for the two-night concert at the State Farm Stadium brought in a revenue higher than that during the Super Bowl.

Even, the affection and reception of the public towards Taylor were so great that the artist quickly occupied the entire Top 4 of US iTunes, blocked to all recent releases.

On the first night of the performance, Paramore and Gayle were honored to be the opening artists for the concert. However, what happened next shocked and enamored Kpop fans as one of BLACKPINK‘s biggest hits “PINK VENOM,” started playing in the background to keep the concert warm during breaks.

A clip recording the moment the song was played in the stadium quickly went viral on Tiktok.

Many users speculate that it was Taylor Swift who selected the song for the list since at the 2022 VMAs, the country singer also used this track for her Tiktok video performance at the award show.

BTS reaction to Blackpink :

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