Surprised with the gender ratio in LE SSERAFIM’s fanbase, female fans have a larger percentage.

Netizens expressed surprise at the gender proportion of LE SSERAFIM‘s fanbase.

On March 19 KST, one netizen took to an online community forum and created a post titled, “GENDER PROPORTION OF LE SSERAFIM’S FAN MEETING”. Here, the netizen included a breakdown of the gender proportion of LE SSERAFIM’s fan meeting. Among the fans who made reservations for the fanmeeting event, 44.1% were male and 55.9% were female. The netizen then wrote, “[LE SSERAFIM] slightly have more female fans”.

Take a look at the gender and age breakdown below:

Netizens commented:

“They must have a lot of female fans.”

“I hope they get more female fans.”

“Wow, the gender ratio is almost perfect.”

“They have more male fans than I expwected. I thought they would have mostly female fans.”

“Isn’t this ratio perfect though? It’s almost fifty-fifty and they also have a ton of fans in their teens and twenties.”

“The proportion is honestly really good!”

“I felt like they would have more male fans Loll. Because of Kim Chae Won.”

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