Police investigation verify celebrity footage leaked from changing room at plastic surgery clinic.

Police are investigating Internet protocol (IP) camera video footage filmed at a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, Seoul. Suspicions were raised that videos filmed in other places, such as a dressing room, were also leaked, and the police are confirming the facts.

Suspicions were aroused on March 7, as per a police report, that videos taken in the changing room and electrocardiogram room (where one must remove their top) of the plastic surgery clinic were leaked, in addition to the IP camera videos already circulating.

The police conducted an on-site investigation of the clinic to check if the location of the leaked videos matched the dressing room of the cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in question.


A police official said, “We are collecting evidence to assess the damage. We are currently in cooperation with the Korea Communications Standards Commission and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to block further distribution of the leaked videos.”

With the patient’s consent, video recording is permitted in the treatment room and operating room to prevent medical accidents. However, it is illegal to record videos in the dressing rooms without the consent of the patients. In response, the clinic told JTBC, “There is a separate closed space in the dressing room and female patients are notified of this fact.”

Recently, an IP camera video inside the hospital’s treatment room spread around the online community. Several women, including top singers and actors, have suffered from the video leakage.

IP cameras can send and receive data through the Internet. As long as there is an internet connection, videos can be viewed remotely without access to the physical hardware.

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