NMIXX’s Lily is not only impressed with her vocals, but her perfect body proportions also amaze fans.

The most ‘S’ like ‘S-line’ we’ve seen!

NMIXX‘s Lily is widely known for her unmatched vocals. She can do any genre, from K-Pop, to pop, to ballad, and more! Her high notes are also effortless.

What shocked fans was that not only does she have angelic vocals and a face sculpted by the gods…

Her waist is also super snatched! All that choreography and exercise must have paid off as she flaunted perfect abs.

In a recent relay dance video, fans were shocked at her curves. It’s the most ‘S-line’ waist to hip ratio we’ve ever seen!

Netizens were stunned at the curves that she’s been hiding.

  • “Her waist is legendary.”
  • “Wow, I also watched the relay dance a bit earlier and Lily was amazing. We’re all humans so how is her waist like that?”
  • “Lily’s visuals have been peaking recently.”
  • “Lily’s body proportions are really pretty… She’s like a doll.”

Catch a glimpse of her incredible figure below!

BTS V Live Weverse:

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