NewJeans has taken the K-Pop world by storm, becoming the fastest K-Pop artist to surpass 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Since they debuted last summer, NewJeans has taken the K-Pop world by storm. The rookie girl group has been breaking records and reaching impressive milestones in a fraction of the time that other K-Pop artists have, not to mention they’re already getting majorly impressive brand deals!

And now, they have yet another incredible milestone and record to add to their already long list. With just six songs in their discography, NewJeans has become the fastest K-Pop artist ever on Spotify to reach a whopping one billion streams.

They achieved this number in just 219 days — the only K-Pop artist to reach it in less than a year — and only a couple of months after the release of their latest two songs, “Ditto” and “OMG”.

Previously, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa held the record for reaching the one billion streams mark the fastest at 411 days. ENHYPEN is now in third at 571 days, TWICE in fourth at 579 days, and TXT in fifth at 914 days.

At this time, their most-streamed song is “Hype Boy” at about 243 million streams. Second goes to “Ditto” with 222 million streams, third to “Attention” with 187 million, fourth to “OMG” with 186 million, fifth to “Cookie” with 103 million, and finally sixth to “Hurt” with 67 million.

NewJeans’ accomplishment became the subject of a post on Reddit, where fans are sharing their congratulations and amazement at what the girl group has accomplished so early in their career!

Happy Birthday BTS Suga:

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