Netizens’ reaction to Seungri’s appearance in a recent video.

On an online forum, netizens reacted to seeing Seungri in an Instagram Story post by an acquaintance, in which the idol is seen brewing a bottle of soju while explaining his techniques. As previously reported, Seungri was entangled in dating rumors with influencer Yoo Hye Won after being released from prison in February of this year.

Seungri’s recent nonchalant appearance in an update on social media has been met with a negative reaction from netizens. Many people left reactions that were close to laughter because they “couldn’t believe the level of anger” had built up.

Netizens’ reaction:

“He is not showing any sign of having reflected on his deeds”

“Some people are just alive and well even after doing anything they wish”
“Oh god”
“What about reflecting on himself…?”
“No repentance?”
“I shouldn’t have even opened this post”
“Wow, now that he has officially ‘retired,’ he doesn’t even have to care about the public eye”
“In this country, the law only works for the privileged”

“Barf at the Korean legal system”
“Ajussi, just pick up the bottle cap that fell on the floor”
“People don’t change”

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