Nam Tae Hyun was driving while drunk, causing a traffic accident and was arrested by the police.

Nam Tae Hyun has been taken in by police for drunk driving.

On March 8 around 3:20AM KST, Nam Tae Hyun is reported to have parked on a roadside in Gangnam, Seoul. While opening his car door, he’s said to have hit a passing taxi and later drove about 20 meters despite the accident. The taxi’s right side mirror was reportedly damaged due to the door opening.

The police were dispatched to the scene and conducted a breathalyzer test on Nam Tae Hyun. He was found to have had a blood alcohol level of 0.114%, which is enough for a license cancellation.

Police have booked Nam Tae Hyun on the charges of violating the Road Traffic Act and are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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