Latest information about BLACKPINK’s upcoming project. Fan anticipation is a variety show.

BLACKPINK have been filming for this new project since 2022.

BLACKPINK just held their BORN PINK world tour concert in Malaysia, where, as always, the group stunned fans with their charisma and energy, creating an unforgettable experience for fans.

BLACKPINK also made an unexpected announcement at their concert, with a dramatic teaser revealing that “BPTG” will soon be released.

Fans immediately suspected that this indicated the release of the highly anticipated “THE GAME.”

Fans first learned about “THE GAME” thanks to food trucks that confirmed that BLACKPINK were filming new content in 2022 that would be released in 2023.

Because BLACKPINK were filming for the upcoming content, fans suspected that “THE GAME” could be a new variety show, like BLACKPINK HOUSE.

Although some fans are hoping that it could be a Web Drama, like how fellow YG Entertainment artists TREASURE filmed The Mysterious Class.

And given the name, and the food truck banner’s promise that “‘THE GAME’ is coming to the game scene,” there’s also the likelihood that it will be a playable game for fans.

What fans know for certain is that the teaser for “THE GAME” includes the promise of new photos and videos…

BTS Jungkook On Weverse:

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