Kpop stars who will be enlisting today, Nam Joo Hyuk, Cha Hun…

Actor Nam Joo HyukN.Flying‘s Cha HunVICTON‘s Seungsik, and Golden Child‘s Y have all officially enlisted in the military.

On March 20 KST, Nam Joo Hyuk, Cha Hun, Seungsik, and Y privately enlisted at their respective training centers.

As previously reported, Nam Joo Hyuk previously passed the military police task force exam and will be serving as a military police officer. Prior to his enlistment, he completed shooting his upcoming Disney+ original series ‘Vigilante.’

Cha Hun and Seungsik plan to fulfill their duty as part of the military band after completing basic military training. Before enlisting, Cha Hun shot the web drama ‘Romance By Romance,’ while Seungsik held his ‘Just, Seungsik‘ solo fan meeting on March 4.

Y is the second Golden Child member to be enlisting, following member Daeyeol, who enlisted in March of last year. As a parting gift for fans, he released the digital single “If I Were The Wind” on March 15.

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