Korean netizens were surprised when it was revealed that actor Yoo Tae Oh and top supermodel Ana Kim are siblings.

Photos of the two that have been circulating on various social media platforms reveal that the two are siblings, impressing netizens with their distinctive looks.

The writer of the initial social media post explained, “Yoo Tae Oh is the older brother of renowned supermodel Ana Kim… Ana Kim is also active as a DJ under the name of KinoKino. She has been recognized as a DJ and appeared in luxury brand events such as Dior and Chanel.”

There were various Korean netizens who were unaware that the two were siblings and were pleasantly surprised. They commented, “Daebak,” “They’re siblings?” “I knew Ana Kim for years and have been a fan. But she’s Yoo Tae Oh’s younger sister???”, “They have the superior genes,” “They are amazing,” and “They have the best genes.”

Meanwhile,  Yoo Tae Oh, also known as Teo Yoo, is a German-South Korean actor. He is known for his role as Viktor Tsoi in the musical film Leto. He made himself known in the Korean entertainment industry after appearing in the 2009 film ‘Actresses’ and has been appearing in various works such as ‘Love to Hate You,’ ‘Past Lives,’ ‘Money Game,’ ‘New Year Blues,‘ and more.

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