IU stunned fans with her youthful and beautiful appearance after gaining weight.

K-Pop soloist IU is one of the most popular stars in the world and never ceases to shock fans with her talent, personality, and unreal visuals. IU’s recent weight gain and image change had drawn attention after it seemed like the idol was “aging backward.”

Since IU first debuted, the idol has always been known for her beautiful visuals, seemingly like royalty… or an angel. With her charming personality, it’s not surprising that IU is the “Golden Girl” of K-Pop.

On March 30, IU attended an event for her upcoming movie “Dream” and once again gained attention for her visuals.

While the idol is always beautiful, netizens pointed out that she looked as if she was aging backward in the latest images. In particular, many joked that IU seemed much younger with her visuals and couldn’t stop praising the star.

In particular, netizens pointed out that along with seemingly putting on weight on her cheeks, the idol had cut her hair short for the first time in a while. Because of this, many thought her face looked rounder and showcased her youthful visuals.

When stood next to co-star Park Seo Joon, IU’s visuals were just as youthful, and combined with her new haircut, it seemed like fans had gone back in time.

When the photos were posted, there were mixed comments from fans. While some believed that IU looked healthier and had gained weight, others didn’t see it, but they all agreed that IU looked much younger and looked extremely good at the event.

  • “What do you mean she gained weight? She looks so cute and pretty it reminds of when she sang ‘Boo.’”
  • “She does look like she gained a bit of weight.”
  • “She looks good lol cute.”
  • “I love you IU…so cute.”
  • “What do you mean she gained weight!!”
  • “Ah so cute.”
  • “She looks good and more healthy.”
  • “So pretty.”
  • “What do you mean gained weight? She just looks white and soft and cute.”
  • “I was sad that her cheeks went away but she looks so cute today.”
  • “Why does she look even younger?”
  • “She seriously looks like she’s in her early twenties.”
  • “What do you mean, gain weight! I love you to death Jieun!”
  • “Ah, she is so freaking cute.”

As always, IU never fails to make headlines and while K-Pop is a tough industry based on looks, netizens love that the idol seems healthy and glowing.

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