ITZY members’ reactions when Yuna was acting weird at the end of the concert.

In the world of K-Pop, it’s not uncommon for fans to go wild over even the smallest moments from their favorite groups’ performances.

ITZY has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their energetic and fierce performances and cute personalities. But recently, it was a brief moment at the end of their tour performance that had fans talking.

After their performance in Manila, ITZY member Yuna surprised fans with a bow that left everyone laughing. As the group finished their set, Yuna, who is known for her long legs, bent down in a deep bow and stuck her leg out, looking like a giraffe. She then looked up at the audience and struck a pose. The unexpected move caught the audience off guard, and they couldn’t help but burst out laughing and squeal at her adorableness.

After the moment, Yuna had a big smile on her face. The moment even went viral, with fans creating memes and videos of the hilarious scene, calling her a “baby giraffe. It wasn’t just the fans who found the moment funny – her fellow members shared their appreciation for the “giraffe bow” by doing the bow at the end of their performances afterward.

The ITZY members appreciated this moment so much that all five members changed their bubble profile pictures to a screenshot of Yuna’s cute bow.

Yuna’s “giraffe” bow may have been spontaneous, but it has become a beloved moment for ITZY members and their fans. It’s refreshing to see ITZY embrace a viral meme of their member and appreciate the cuteness of their maknae.

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