GOT7’s Jay B shows off his new hairstyle before enlistment.

After lots of waiting, Ahgases were finally able to see GOT7‘s Jay B‘s post-enlistment haircut!

It was common knowledge that Jay B was one of the many idols born in 1994 that would be required to begin their mandatory enlistment this year. GOT7’s leader even shared the timing of his enlistment with the release of his new album, Seasonal Hiatus.

Fans only found out that his “seasonal hiatus” had begun after an article about his ₩60.0 million KRW (about $46,300 USD) donation to the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea organization stated that he was “currently completing his military duty as a public service work personnel.”

Since then, the artist has been somewhat active on social media, including a live stream right after the announcement, where he confirmed he enlisted on February 2.

He also shared photos of himself, hiding the signature buzz-cut that those that enlist usually have.

On March 3, Jay B went live on Instagram again, this time doing a viewable stream, entertaining fans by showing his cats…

The star stayed on live for a little less than an hour, showing fans he was doing well after enlisting.

While fans were excited to see his new haircut, they were more excited just seeing his face in general!

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