Fans’ reactions to the news that BTS Jhope will be enlisting in the army on April 18.

Jhope will enlist on April 18 and will train for 5 weeks at the rookie training center in Gangwon before transferring to his official enlistment unit.

Feedback from fans:

1. Hoba ah please go well and come back safely.

2. Only a few days left, Take good care of yourself!

3. My Hobi! Be very healthy.

4. People always bring a positive ray of hope, I believe that wherever he is, he still has a good life!

5. Hobi… Be healthy, I send a thousand rays of hope to Hobi. Hurry back and set the stage on fire!!!!

6. Go strong!

7. I think I’ll miss your laugh a lot

8. Don’t worry everyone Hobie will be fine

9. It’s going to be cold in winter, please stay healthy

10. Just come back physically and mentally healthy, that’s all I want.

BTS Jhope & Jimin On Weverse:

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